Our Facilities

Our home is yours. Please, take some time to familiarize yourself with it; we've worked hard to make our home as warm and inviting as possible. 


Our lobby is warm, inviting and spacious. Our comfortable furnishings allow you to visit with friends and family as if you were in the comfort of your own home.


We have updated the original sanctuary to reflect a modern chapel capable of seating 200 with a state of the art sound system and spacious area for display of floral tributes.

The original church sanctuary was built over 75 years ago and the stained glass windows have been retained in the redesign.

Visitation Rooms

Our visitation rooms have been tastefully decorated to ensure comfort and serenity at the time of a loss. Designed to be flexible in their use, our visitation rooms can accommodate everything from a traditional period of visitation - to a more contemporary memorial visitation - to a private family service.

Children's Play Room

A special place where young people can play during visitation.

Family Lounge

The lounge provides a welcome break to collect your thoughts or reminisce with others. There is always hot coffee and refreshments waiting for you. We would like for you to feel comfortable when receiving friends and family at your time of loss. Our home is yours. Our staff will ensure that your family and friends are treated with the hospitality that you would extend in a less difficult and emotional time in your own home. 

Remembrance Center

Our Remembrance Center is a comfortable and private room where families make arrangements for their loved ones. Our wide selection of caskets, burial vaults, urns and other memorial products are tastefully displayed in close proximity.